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You know, you look good if you shave correctly.

No. I’m handsome.


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electricosaccente-verde replied to your post: “I’ve heard from Colonello that you are ruining your body with ink, damaging your own skin for something as stupid as his name. Really, is it hard to make a necklace and let his name dangle? Like his reputation?” Verde loved this, to talk about someone while trying to help all at the same time. With a push of gis glasses so they would go up his nose, “May I imprint that fool’s name onto your body? Better me than any crazy or problematic criminal, don’t you agree, KuroNeko?” Let the games begin.

Did she not understand that Colonello didn’t have to tell anyone? By God, Verde was a brilliant man who can read stupid actions on a man’s face. At least for Skull he always read ‘dumbass’ at all times. “I’ll even do it for free. No money.”

“Is that so..?” She pretended to be interested, but she just wanted this creep to leave. “I can’t exactly believe that you’re trustworthy.” And Colonello was pretty startled that she was going to get the tattoo. Maybe she she needed to reconsider it once again…

"Is that so? Just for you in being that fool’s cadet, I’ll do it. Luckily I don’t care so this event will never leave my lips." He could tell she wasn’t impressed by him but maybe all she needed was his signature smile. People changed after that smile. "KuroNeko, was it? Yes. I’ll work on you quickly and you’ll never regret it." Well, he knew he wouldn’t.

Signature smile.


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He raised an eyebrow as the man knocked against his chest. Was he expecting to hear some kind of metallic sound? That wouldn’t happen, he was made as close to a human on the outside as one could be. Well, he didn’t know if he was made to be like that, but as far as he knew he was strikingly similar to a human on the outside in every way. “Sorry, you won’t be hearing any kind of tinkerin’ in there. I’m human on the outside, at least visually.” He lifted the man’s hand to his cheek. “See, my skin even feels human.”

Poor, delusional Crow. Trusting the man because he didn’t deny that he had replaced the battery. He wasn’t one to owe someone, so he had to help the man in any way he could. “Sophia? I don’t know who that is, but I owe ya for helpin’ me out. If you need any kind of help—” He paused, hating the fact that he even had to help a human, but if he could somehow help him remember his past…”—‘ll be glad to do it.” More like he’d expect some shiny things out of it, but whatever. 

It was unbelievable— then again it was sure to happen. This AI was more to human than anything else he had seen. Well, he would have to look deeper into this soon. Whoever made the body structure must have made real skin— truly there couldn’t be any organs in his body. “I can tell that you are most likely not in the same village as me.” Verde being placed in the Village of Wisdom, filled with so many hardback and paperback books that were everywhere; he had plenty of time to look up this type of being. He would have to let the other stay for awhile, this was an interesting subject. His index finger poked his cheek feeling how sensitive he was, would he flinch or would the eye close down. All the actions would be vital to his education.

Quickly, Verde took that offer once it was given. “I have a few things to look up on your person.” He was rather interesting, now this was weird when Verde took an absolute liking to another— now this didn’t mean he wouldn’t cut open that body and mess with a few things. Looking around the area, how did Lambo say it? Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers? Sounds like something he would preach in an idiotic manner. “Call me Verde.”

Complications and Mishaps via Science [ Zodiakos Open ]



Hayato heard that there were creatures that live in the forest. Of course once he heard that they were similar to the UMAs he always wanted to meet he quickly made way to the forest. Maybe he’ll get to see those Centaurs he heard about. How exciting! However what he didn’t expect was to see a scientist talking to himself.


“Cease the actions I don’t have time for games”

Games…? To the Storm guardian it looked like Verde was talking to plain air.

He decided to ignore the arcobaleno until he heard

“Oh Keiman I don’t think we’re in Japan anymore…”

The man was from Japan? wait…Keiman…where had he heard the name before? 

“Oi…you do realize that despite your appearance as a Scientist you look like a fuckin moron talking to air right?” Always the best at starting a conversation…Gokudera Hayato…

"Oh? I don’t even feel like giving you the speech of life since you’re too slow to understand how life has ears to the point we are never alone." Good God no, he was left with Gokudera now? Hell, out of all people— why not some interesting little kid or something much more better than this child?" Sighing, he shook his head with an unamused look before turning away from the Class A Dumbass because what else could he be?

"Why are you even here?" Just to turn the tables and show how stupid he was.

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“Saved?” His thin eyebrows furrowed as he mulled over what the oddly green man said. “I was already dead before I woke up over there.” His thumb pointed out towards the pile he had woken up on. “Er, if ya can call what I was ‘dead’.” That’s right, he wasn’t alive—not even now—so of course he wasn’t actually dead. But saved? He had lived in a post apocalyptic world, even if he wasn’t dead there wasn’t much left for that place. 

He sized up the weird man in front of him—he had a lab coat. Wait, was he somehow part of the place he had been looking for since he lost his memories?! If he was, maybe he could tell him about his childhood! “Are you the one that replaced my battery? You’re a—” He had to think over what the word was, forgetting for a moment what those types of humans are called. “—scientist, right? I owe ya one if ya did.” He had so many questions, especially if this man was somehow related to that old man in his special photo. 

All his went through one ear, processed through the brain and went out the other. He was too busy in the pile of random scraps to care less about some random kid who had woken up from his own slumber. Something interesting came to his attention which he picked up; seems like a microscope of a sort. “Type of catalyst for another reason when you say it like that. Holding mass amount of electrical energy.” Ah— what was this boy? Verde began to listen to himself, why would anyone hold so much functioning it would feel like.

Getting up with his great find, the Arcobaleno blinked a few times before pushing up his glasses. Wait. Did he say battery? Oh my, yes, he surely did find something great in this junkyard of a place. Verde made him way towards him just to knock against his chest waiting to hear what little echoes from inside. “A scientist is the best word you can probably come up with, you’re nothing but some android dropped here by Sophia; she must want all kinds. Such a familiar subject, if I do say so myself.”




I hurt, I tire, and I collapse. When I’m staring into the darkness, I find myself somehow entranced by it. Suddenly, I hear laughter. Fearless, mean, and yet kind. It calls to me. The days we spent together are long gone, drifting away like clouds in the breeze. Even though memories are often fleeting, all I need to do is close my eyes and your face appears, clear and forever young.

Half lidded green eyes opened that met nothing but darkness. Funny, isn’t it? How even though you’re not alive you can still die. He almost wanted to cry though his body couldn’t produce such things, this was so pitiful—wait, tears? That’s right Seto is crying.

It’s okay Seto it doesn’t hurt…” he mumbled into the air. 

No, that’s not right. He couldn’t hear the sounds of the sorrowful cries that had previously met his ears only moments ago. Not only that, but his battery no longer felt like it was running on empty. His cat-like emerald orbs began to defog as he met a sight strikingly similar to the one he had witnessed before his ‘death’. Piles of scraps everywhere, but this was different. He was outside—not surrounded by dolls. Who would’ve taken the time to move him? More than that, who replaced his battery? So many questions and no answers—and no Seto. 

Though his battery was full, it still took him a while to get used to his body. After a few moments of sitting and observing, he stood up and saw someone shuffling around in one of the piles of trash nearby. Was it that creepy chicken headed man who always was searching around for treasures? No, they looked better clothed. Maybe it was Seto? Of course! It had to be that brunette human, after all who else would just be so carelessly unguarded? He slowly strutted up—eyes still a tad blurry—and patted the kid on the shoulder. “Hey! So you’re the one—” This person wasn’t Seto, this wasn’t him. If he could feel sorrow, that would be what was washing over him right now. Seto was there just moments ago… when everything went dark… “Who are you?!” More than that; “Why am I here?” 

Rummaging through various items that were useful but then again worth nothing, Verde would fling them right over his shoulder. Yes, everything he picked up could lead him one step closer to being the genius he was meant to be. All those times of Reborn forever bothering him stating that he couldn’t have nice things seemed to come to an end— thank God. Moreso Sophia. Green eyes analyzed a screw that he picked up, the circular state with a dull end. Primary flat. It held such a spinning rail type appendage with it so screwing it inside something would be easier. Even though it was nothing but a screw, he threw it once again, behind him until it flunked behind sonething.

Turning his head, he noticed some body clothed in such a weird wardrobe, he was such a railroad conductor was he not? Could this be a next subject to his work? Blinking a few times before pushing his glasses up; “Well, well. You’re one of the lucky few saved as well? You should remorse you’re not dead, kid.”

Will disappear every Monday, a mad scientist can only take in so much.

Anonymous whispered,

To the mun: If Verde had to strip right now, what song would be playing and at what part of the song will he drop his bloomers?

[ What. In. The. Hell.

B¦ I’m going to get the anon who started this.

Ahem. I think: Who’s That Chick by David Guetta feat. Rihanna would be nice.

…Which part?

She’s a mean and crazy dicta Disco diva, and you wonder

Who’s that chick? Who’s that chick?

Too cold for you to keep her Too hot for you to leave her

Who’s that chick? Who’s that chick?

I’ll try to sex you while the night has got me love sprung

I won’t stop until the sun is up, oh yeah

My heart is a dancer beating like a disco drum

Though at the ‘Who’s that Chick’ part, I can see him doing the 1-2-3 Pose….. Bloomers. Omg gtfo. Lol]


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